Music Makes You Move karaoke machine rental is all set to send thrills throughout Los Angeles and beyond!

You may rock out solo, as a couple, or as a sing-along ensemble with up to four microphones. Karaoke party is a terrific and entertaining addition to any celebration, even weddings! By arranging the songs, coordinating the singers, and encouraging you and your guests to join, your karaoke DJ will keep the party going. 

Karaoke appeals to guests of all ages. While singing along to your favorite band or artist’s music, the song words run over the TV screen. We provide songbooks, speakers, microphones, songs, and a TV monitor with lyrics on-screen!

If your budget permits, it’s ideal to employ a Karaoke operator who is also an expert DJ…so they can swing an impromptu dance party. 

Want to be a rockstar? We can upgrade your karaoke experience by adding a stage, performer lighting and an LED Video Wall to display the lyrics behind your singers for the guests to sing along with. 

Why Choose Us?

Los Angeles, are you ready to have fun on the Karaoke stage? We are here to add life to your party. Let loose!

The Life of Every Celebration!

Make karaoke and party dance music a part of your party planning. Your guests will be singing, dancing, and singing some more. See why people are saying Music Makes You Move is the best karaoke DJ service in Los Angeles. Prices and packages are available for large and small parties, including birthdays, weddings, corporate celebrations, and more!

Fully Equipped Karaoke Set

Enjoy the most comprehensive karaoke playlist ever! If it’s made for karaoke, we have it or can obtain it! Receive three wireless microphones, a lyric monitor, DJ music, a karaoke host, lighting, and other amenities. To spice up unplanned dancing, we blend over 40,000 songs to sing from old party favorites. Keep the party going by having our DJ function as a karaoke host and a dance party motivator by playing party dance music. Rent the best karaoke machine in Los Angeles; it’s unlike anything else you’ve experienced!

We Know How to Get Your Party Going

Our professional entertainers know how to engage in a gathering and break the ice without being harsh or making anybody feel uncomfortable, regardless of the size of the party. Karaoke rental packages can be run independently or in conjunction with a DJ. Because some clients are concerned that lousy singing may ruin the party, we carefully regulate the rotation of singers and alternate between Karaoke and a high-energy dance party. This maintains a perfect balance, allowing the dancers to dance and the vocalists to shine!

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