If you’ve never heard of a silent disco, now is the time to get on board. The concept is simple: people show up, grab a pair of headphones, select the channel they like the most, and get their groove on. They originated out of necessity, when music festival organizers had to comply with noise ordinances and nosy neighbors, but turned out to be such a smash hit that dancers kept coming back again and again for more.

Dance the Night Away (For 8-12 Hours)

You can hold a silent disco on a boat, at the beach, in a forest, in an abandoned building, or anywhere else you can imagine. However, you’ll only be able to dance as long as the battery power lasts, so one of the most common questions people ask is about how long silent disco headphones hold a charge.

Most of the time, silent disco headphones will be delivered fully charged when you rent them and will last for 8-12 hours, maybe slightly more if they are brand new. This is, honestly, more than enough time, as most people are tired out by then anyways and ready to wrap it up. 

To get the most out of your rental, remember to always charge them before the event to make sure they are fully charged. A solid average time for the charge to last is 10 hours, so plan your event around that time frame. 

Most of the time at silent discos, the battery life is not the issue – the energy of the people attending it is. Even the most dedicated raver will tire out after a full 8-10 hours of dancing, sweating, and making new friends. However, always make sure the headphones are fully charged for the ultimate silent disco experience

How Long Do Silent Disco Headphone Rentals Last?

Another common question people ask is how long the rented headphones will be available to use. This question has many answers, which depend on your plans, budget, and the company delivering them. 

Most of the time, a standard silent disco rental will be for one night, with the equipment returned the next business day. If you just want to feel out the experience and spend as little money as possible, this is the ideal rental period for you.

However, sometimes people want to rent them for longer, and usually, this can be done for a small fee like a few dollars per headphone set for each additional day. However, always make sure to charge your headphones in between each use, so that the batteries won’t die. For those who just can’t give it up, most companies offer weekly rates as well as long-term rates to accommodate customers who wish to hang on to the equipment perpetually.

Why Are Silent Discos So Much Fun?

There are a few reasons why people love silent discos so much. For one thing, the noise levels are more adjustable and manageable, and instead of an overwhelmingly loud sound system making it hard to hear, it’s easier to connect with your fellow dancers and have conversations if you desire. For another, it’s much more customizable when it comes to music choices, as the organizers can select personal music choices and listeners can usually choose between multiple different channels.

It’s also much cheaper than hiring a DJ and providing a full sound system. Silent discos can be hosted at a price anyone can afford, and don’t require advance notice. Lastly, silent discos can be put on anywhere you can imagine, as long as you make sure to charge them fully!

Silent Discos: Forming Friendships One Moment of Silence at a Time

There’s nothing else in the world like a silent disco. While it looks strange on the outside, people report that silent discos are more fun than any other type of dance party they have ever been to. That’s because they offer a unique way to simply let go and let the music flow through you. 

Silent discos can be found all over the world, and have made such a splash in our culture that this silent disco event near Long Beach was even covered by the Los Angeles Times.  Attendees were moved to tears by the unexpectedly poignant and spiritual aspect of the silent disco, where they finally felt free to let go of their fears, anxieties, and worries, and to simply connect with their fellow humans. It’s such a unique thing that complete strangers, some even without headphones on, joined in the enigmatic and all-inclusive dance circle, simply to experience the simple joy of human connection. 

If you’re interested in hosting or attending a silent disco, contact a rental company today. Find the freedom that only wireless battery-powered headphones can provide, and take your parties to the next level, a beach, or anywhere else you desire. Silent discos are here to stay, so check it out and change your life forever!

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