Mistakes to Avoid While Renting Silent Disco Headphones

It’s the new trend sweeping the nation – silent discos, a quiet dance party where everyone can dance to the tune of their own drummer! While it may appear bizarre to those looking in from the outside, there’s nothing more fun than grabbing a pair of silent disco headphones, some friends, and holding a massive […]

What Are The Advantages Of Silent Disco Headphones?

Picture this: a room full of people, dancing wildly in complete silence – some in sync with each other, some not. To the outside observer, it appears as though those within this event have simply lost their minds, succumbing to some new kind of “dancing mania”, a bizarre and unexplained phenomenon in Europe between the […]

What Is A Silent Disco?

If you’re new to the idea of a silent disco, then don’t worry, you’re not alone! A silent disco sounds like an oxymoron that doesn’t end up being something you’d like to experience. If you know what it is, though, then you might just want to check one out as soon as you can! They […]