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Jul 17, 2013 Celebration 0 Comments

Going classic on the wedding dress is becoming more popular among modern brides lately. It’s no surprise if you are overwhelmed at the designs of the classic styled gowns. Especially, vintage gowns are the most attractive ones making one want them for their own wedding. However, you will have to be very careful about choosing the material, designs, and accessories because it will cost you dearly. Also, some of the elements can’t be altered. And, altering a vintage dress takes a great deal of time. Therefore, it must come out as you expected at the very first time you make it. But, the risk would look negligible when compared to how good you can look at your wedding. Your vintage wedding gown can become the most attractive thing about your wedding if only you can choose the right elements. Read on to learn more about how to choose your gown to have a perfectly vintage wedding.

Choose the right measurements:

It all starts with the right measurements to buy. Most of the vintage dresses are made for perfect sizes, so you will rarely find plus size dresses. It’s because, the ladies who used to wear them in the past always used shape altering corsets. This made them look thinner and they would easily fit into the dress. Therefore, you might want to measure your hip size from a local tailor before you step out to choose your dress. However, if you want to by a plus size dress, you can still buy one from popular suppliers who would be able to outsource it for you.

Choose the Design based on the Era:

Now comes the real important decision. You will want to decide how you want to look like on your wedding day. This will depend on the theme of the wedding you have planned. It is also better to consult your wedding planner about the theme and choose the era you want to reflect. To look slim and sleek, you will want to choose the designs which were popular in the 1930s and 1940s. There are also other good designs which show you as little relaxed which were popular in the 1950s. For a more formal themed wedding, you will want to choose the latter.

Examine the Material:

Most of the vintage dresses are made with raw silk and hence there would naturally be some imperfections in the material. This is something you can’t completely avoid. But, this is a part of vintage dresses to the extent that if you find a perfect material, you must doubt if it is original vintage or something that’s imitated to look vintage. Actually, these imperfections on the material make it look more flavorsome and give the dress a good texture.

Choose the Enhancements:

It is also an important step in choosing the right elements for your vintage gown. You must choose the right type of enhancements. If you are going to go light on the other accessories, you will also have to go light on the enhancements on the dress like the small flower buds that will be attached and the beads that will be added. Overly beaded dresses not only become heavy but also look unnatural and sometimes even spoil the theme of vintage. Choose bright beads splattered over the dress and small flower buds with a slightly variant color to be attached.

Choose the Right Accessories:

It is also important to choose the right accessories that will suit the dress. Without the right type of accessories, your vintage dress will lose its charm and would not look as appealing as you want it to be. Especially, choose the right type of flowers for your dress. For instance, buy cala lilies if you have chosen the sleek dresses from the 30s. Wild flowers go well with the dresses of the 50s. You can get more help with choosing the flowers from the shop you buy the gown in, because they must know what would go well with the designs.

After making sure you have chosen all the right elements of your dress and deciding on what accessories you will wear to complement your dress, you can order the dress. Also, try wearing your dress as soon as you get it delivered so that you can find if it needs any alterations. Some alterations would need pulling out all the beads in that area before they can be done. Therefore, it would take a lot of time to be altered and as the material is very soft, it would take longer than it takes for the other materials. Plus, it is also important to buy a good case in which you can store the dress for a long time without being damaged. Make sure your dress goes for dry-cleaning as soon as possible, because the earlier you send it, the easier it is to remove the stains. Thus, you can have a super cool vintage wedding just as how you dream it.

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