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How Musicians and Disc Jockeys Use Social Media To Market Themselves Online | Disc Jockey Los Angeles Wedding DJ Los Angeles | Party, Celebration, Bar Mitzvahs, Events


Jul 19, 2013 Disc Jockey, DJ, Music 0 Comments

With the emersion of social media it has been a common place to see networks for music, specifically fans and musicians.  Look at the rapid growth MySpace had in 2007 when it was a social hub for bands to share their music that had millions of monthly visitors

Now that those sites are gone or no longer popular there needs to be other ways to market yourself online of you’re a musician.  It is definitely a good idea to get a personal website, Google Blogger, WordPress, & Wix are all easy to use and set up even if you’re a beginner to computers.  If your completely computer illiterate you can hire a website design company to build out your site.

Once your site is up you need to join as many social networking sites as possible; specifically those geared towards music and entertainment, as this is where your target audience will be.  SoundClound and beatport are just a few of the more popular social networks out there.

When you join these sites make sure to fill out the profile completely as this will help others with similar interests find and connect with you.  A good way to gain followers is to interlink as many social networks together that way when you post to one it will update the other networks.  This can be done using ifttt.com a site that alerts other social networks that you have posted a new update.

Use the search to find people with similar musical tastes and try to reach out to them.  Join groups or start pages dedicated to a specific genre of music production and get as many disc jockeys to join.  It is a great and easy way to market yourself as a DJ and the only cost needed is time.

Try and gain as many followers by being active, posting frequently, interacting with other users, etc.  Using these techniques djs will get noticed and picked up for more gigs and gain increased exposure using social media marketing techniques on the internet.