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FAQ you asked, we answered.

Is your music purchased?

A.S.C.A.P. & B.M.I. & R.I.A.A. represent all of the major music labels in America and have inspectors who are always on the look out for those using pirated music.  The quality of sound is diminished and it is illegal.

Are you insured?

God forbid anything were to happen to one of your guests that was the fault of your dj (lights/speakers “can” fall, etc.) However, if your dj isn’t insured and your guest decides to take civil action, where are they going to turn?

At music Makes You Move we have our Certificate of Liability Insurance so you can rest easy knowing that you are in good hands.

How do you dress for an event?

Believe it or not, I have seen disc jockeys who dress in jeans – a suit is a must!

Do you take, encourage and PLAY requests?

Too many disc jockeys “play what they want to hear” and put requests “on the back burner”. Demand that your dj plays your guests requests.  Online music databases where you can listen to the DJs music is crucial to make sure they have what you want.

Do you offer ALL INCLUSIVE pricing?

So many dj’s charge for all of the extras.  Read the small print and make sure everything you want is included in your agreement and package.

Do you provide references?

I would encourage you to SPEAK with the references that your dj provides. When it comes to written references, it is amazing how many disc jockeys only “show you the good ones”. By speaking to a reference directly, you will have the opportunity to ask the questions YOU want to ask.

Check out our client testimonials and read about Music Makes You Move on Yelp.

How do you stay current with your music library?

If your disc jockey doesn’t belong to at least one or two disc jockey music subscription companies, he is likely using illegally obtained music. It is simply not cost or space effective to use store bought music. Also, store bought compilations are released too late – they tend to be the “what was”, not the “what is”.

Does your dj belong to any disc jockey associations?

How does a dj learn and stay on top of trends if he is not regularly updating his skills and learning from other people in his/her industry?

At Music Makes You Move we are associated with Scratch DJ Academy.

Does your dj outsource work?

The old “bait and switch” is extremely common in the disc jockey industry. Ensure that the dj that you are meeting with is the ACTUAL disc jockey that will be playing your event!

Is his/her equipment fully backed up (and for that matter himself)?

If a piece of equipment should happen to break, how will he/she react? Will there be downtime while someone brings a replacement? What if your DJ were to get sick prior to the event?